Bachelore of Arts (Psychology) Course

Psychology is one among the most required and upcoming branch of study and is being offered as an academic discipline in many colleges and Universities across the country. With the aim of training individuals with a passion for working in the mental health and counselling sectors, the college offers bachelors degree in Psychology. With dearth of mental health professionals, psychology provides umpteen job opportunities in clinical, school, government and voluntary sectors.

The duration of study for the BA degree shall extend over a period of three academic years divided into six semesters. The broad objective of the course is
• To lay down fundamental knowledge about the nature of psychology, its scope and its application
   to various walk of life.
• To provide training in practical work in the assessment of cognitive functions, abilities, personality,
   mental health and abnormal behaviour.

1. To familiarize students to the field of psychology, give them the necessary exposure to develop
   interest in the field and thus prepare them for post-graduate programme in psychology.

2. Appreciate the different branches and emerging fields of psychology

3. To understand the fundamental processes underlying human behavior and the process of human
   development and change from biological and psychosocial perspective.

4. To understand the different aspects of human behavior in the social, cultural and
   organizational/work context and thus understanding the effects of group membership
   on individual behavior.

5. To understand abnormal behavior and the various components that promotes health and well being
   through papers such and Health psychology and Positive Psychology.

6. To introduce students to the basic aspects in experimentation and testing in psychology so that
   students are able to conduct simple tests and experiments, write brief reports based on the
   findings from the tests and experiments

7. To familiarize students with basic statistical techniques and fundamentals of
   research methodology. In addition students are trained for the application of the same by engaging
   them in simple quantitative research in small groups

• The core values that guide our mission include pursuit of excellence, knowledge, diversity
   and ethical action.

• Our strategic plan goals are to maximize the role of subject effectiveness, expand psychology's role
   in advancing health and increase recognition of psychology as a science.

• Our mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge
   to benefit society and improve people's lives.

• Encouraging the development and application of psychology in the broadest manner.
• Promoting research in psychology, the improvement of research methods and conditions and
   the application of research findings.

• Improving the qualifications and usefulness of psychologists by establishing high standards
   of ethics, conduct, education and achievement.

• Increasing and disseminating psychological knowledge through conferences, professional contacts,
   reports, papers, discussions and publications.

The course sets a strong foundation for students to pursue professional practice in Psychology. Hence it includes practical training which aims at enabling students imbibe concepts of assessing intelligence, personality, attention and other higher mental functions in an individual and also but provide the essential link between text and real life application. Students are trained in different areas of assessment like attention, learning, memory, intelligence, adjustment and so on where they are given the experience of doing assessments and using their skills.

The course provides a very strong foundation for students to deal with human behavior in different contexts and the basic skills of relating to people. The course enables them to get an insight into their areas of interest and further specialize themselves in counselling, child, industrial, clinical or other applied areas of psychology. The trained students can work in clinical settings, school settings, special education service domains and in government and nongovernmental projects and research.

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