“To prepare students to meet the challenges of tomorrow with creativity, spirit, intelligence, competence and responsibility. To provide education fostering values of sharing service and justice, thereby leading to a more equitable human society”


¤ To impart need based innovative and professional training of social work and psychology.

¤ To sensitize the students about the social needs and problems.

¤ To prepare students optimize the various social resources sustainable growth and development.

¤ To provide opportunity for higher education to the young knowledge seekers.

¤ To create a forum through which the social thinkers, social scientists, social workers, psychologists and planners may change their perception and attitude.

¤ To sensitize the students about the social needs and problems.

¤ To provide guidance and support for the all – round personality of the students.

¤ To collaborate with the local bodies, national and international organization for social change and social development, etc.

¤ To provide education and training in social work to those desirous of making a career in social work practice/ psychology/Other subject of arts.

¤ To provide opportunities through intensive field practicum to work with variety of people in their development and provide service to those who are in need of it.

¤ To provide inter-disciplinary collaboration for better understanding of human problems, services and issues related to human development.